what is Home Staging?

Styled shelves, built-in shelving

Home Staging allows potential buyers to see themselves in your home. For a small investment, you maximize your return on your largest investment.

What we do:

  • Address buyer perceptions and the psychology behind a buyer's motivation to purchase a home

  • Clearly define all areas of the home

  • Eliminate those distractions that will keep buyers from seeing and remembering the great features of your house.

Beyond The Stage Homes will help you to reduce your clutter, reorganize your space, and provide a finished product ready for market.

We provide custom home staging for you and your home. Let us create a unique design for you! Every home staging service begins with an initial consultation - contact us to book yours today. To learn more about the home staging process, check out this quick video.

With the BTSH Team, you are investing in a professional and highly-trained home staging team. All of our home stagers are:

  • Members of RESA, the trade association for real estate professionals

  • Fully trained and certified as Real Estate Staging Professionals

  • Insured and Bonded

In addition, we vet all recommended professionals and skilled trades that we work with to ensure that they are fully insured, and provide the highest level of service and quality of work.

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REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Get your competitive edge by making BTSH a part of your home-selling team - contact us to find out how you can get a FREE Owner-Occupied Home Staging Consultation!


Selling Your Home in Waterloo Region

A Homeowner's Guide

Volume 2 - Released July 2017



Vacant properties are especially difficult to sell, as potential buyers often cannot properly visualize the home's potential. Trust your vacant property to our award-winning home staging team!
Did you know? Vacant spaces are often viewed as smaller than they actually are by prospective buyers!

At BTSH, we pride ourselves on the quality of staging that we offer our clients, and we ensure that we are maximizing the return on your investment. Home staging is about marketing the home, and this means providing more than just the bare essential furnishings for each room - it’s about telling a story.

Our expert stagers will not only furnish the home, but we will create a lifestyle, and sell the full experience of living in the home. We invoke an emotional response in buyers, which leads to qualified offers. With the largest home staging rental inventory selection in the region, we can provide furniture, artwork, and accessories, along with expert home staging services and advice, to provide you with the best solutions for each space of your home. For more about what sets us apart, click here. To book your vacant home staging consultation, contact us today.

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